Volunteer Training

WCTV offers free training to residents of Windham who are interested in producing or assisting in the production of a public access program.  Training sessions are held by appointment with the WCTV Coordinator.  Contact us today to get started!

Tom Case and Barbara Coish receive Volunteer Appreciation Awards.
Amazing Volunteers Tom Case & Barbara Coish accepting a small gift of appreciation for all that they do!

Thank You!

Thank you to our  dedicated volunteers and access producers at WCTV. Regular government meetings and town event video coverage would not be available if it were not for our loyal volunteers. WCTV original programming would not be possible without the support and reliability of our volunteers and access producers.

Certificate presented to Olivia Bono by Kelly Yucupicio (Coordinator) and Margaret Case (WCAB Chair)

Presenting former Selectmen, Al Letizio Jr. with DVD video of his term in office.
Tom Nicoli receives "Program Recognition Award" for his original program "Hypnosis for Better Living" - January 2014
Megan Peabody receives "Volunteer Appreciation Awards" for her work at WCTV - January 2014
Anna Marie Cattarin receieves Program Recognition Award - 2011
"Anna Marie's Euro Kitchen" placed 3rd in the 14th Annual Northeast Regional Video Festival.
Coordinator Kelly Yucupicio with Producers Patricia Mack (Time for Animals), Mary Griffin (Windham Watch) and Volunteer Barbara Coish
Program Recognition Award 1/28/13: WCTV Coordinator, Kelly Yucupicio and Salem Animal Rescue League Manager of Development & Media Relations, Patricia Mack

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Note: The studio may be closed during office hours if the coordinator is filming on location.  Please call ahead before you visit.